Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari should be no threat to Charles Leclerc

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Charles Leclerc’s, the five-time Grand Prix winner and the 30 time Podium finisher, 2025 F1 season now been put under a lot more pressure since the confirmation of his new Scuderia Ferrari teammate, Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time World Champion’s plans of moving to Ferrari has sent shockwaves across the Formula 1 community, leaving supporters to wonder ‘why the decision to join the Italian team?’ was made. Despite the reasoning the behind the move, it doesn’t destroy the fact that this is an amazing signing by Ferrari. But should Leclerc feel pressure from Hamilton’s veneer towards the number one driver spot? I don’t think so.

Leclerc has been driving for Ferrari for many years, coming through the academy and debuting for Ferrari’s partner, Alfa Romeo Sauber. In 2019, he joined Ferrari and has secured his driving spot with the team for five years now and counting. So, it’s no question that Leclerc has a special place in the hearts of all Tifosis and Ferrari’s personnels.

In spite of that, it was reported that Leclerc and his team were left shocked and disappointed by the news of bringing Hamilton, stating that they had no idea what was happening, and felt blindsided since the Monaco native, as we know, has been nothing but loyal to his team since his academy days. And that loyalty has played a big part in his driving by helping him keep its family’s legacy going through Jules Bianchi, his godfather, whose dream was always to drive for the iconic Scuderia Ferrari side.

Not only has Leclerc been devoted and reliable to Ferrari, but so has the Italian team to him. A crew has been built around him since joining Ferrari, making him the team’s number one driver for the past years. And according to Tifosis and the Vice Chairman of Ferrari Piero Ferrari, they agree on Leclerc being the “…champion of the future as Ferrari believes in him and has proven so,” which keeps adding on to the security of his future with the Italian team.

On the track, Leclerc has been able to match the energy of one of the best drivers in the world and soon to be teammate, Hamilton; by finishing fifth in the 2023 season and second in the 2022 season, where that 2022 year, the Englishman finished four spots under him. And in numbers, Leclerc has tied Hamilton for podium wins with six in 2023 and surpassed the 39-year-old in podium wins in 2022 with a difference of two.

In other words, the performances by the 26-year-old have been lights out, despite at the moment driving for an underperforming Ferrari team and car. There have been consistent results put up by the Monaco native, and this will continue as he improves and moves up the ranks. So, underperforming isn’t an issue.

Nevertheless, in Leclerc’s favor, he has a loyal team and fan base, and a legacy to keep alive. When talking about the team, Ferrari’s personnels will most likely prioritize him a little more than Hamilton when it comes to pit crews and possible strategic moves. In terms of the fan base, everyone will be behind Leclerc no matter what. And when it comes to the legacy, it’s what brings a fire within him, making him perform well on and off the track.

“Leclerc’s talent today for me is far superior to Hamilton’s at his age. I mean it is true that experience is important, but Leclerc also has a lot of it now,” expressed ex-Ferrari driver Rene Arnoux.

Hamilton might be a world champion but he doesn’t have the fan base, crew, and loyalty that Leclerc has to win. So why change it if it’s not broken. At the end of the day, it’ll mean more to fans and Ferrari’s personnels that a Scuderia Ferrari championship was won by Leclerc than Hamilton.

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